Using Microsoft Teams


MEMS Festival 2022
Using Microsoft Teams

To allow us to host multiple streams at once, ensure online security for our presenters and attendees, and host different virtual ‘rooms’ for each panel, workshop, or conversation, virtual MEMS Festival 2022 will be hosted via the Microsoft Teams platform.

We have included below a brief guide to accessing and using Microsoft Teams.
If the information below seems confusing, not to worry!
We will run over the technical instructions at the beginning of each day and can post reminders and answer questions throughout the event. Please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or Twitter if you have any questions at this point.

Online Presenters can download a guide here

What is Microsoft Teams?

For those familiar with the Zoom conference software, Teams is a similar platform for organising digital broadcasts and meetings. As Teams allows for multiple ‘channels’ to be set up within an event, we will be able to have multiple panels running at once, with attendees able to freely move between rooms (in the breaks between panels!). As each channel will have its own chat, we hope that the Teams platform will help us recreate the dynamic scholarly and social conference-going experience. You can download Teams here:

How can I join a meeting in Teams?

Shortly before the conference, you will be added into the MEMSFest2022 ‘Team’ which will allow you to access the meetings and channels for each panel or workshop.

You will automatically receive a link by Microsoft Teams (so do check your spams). All you need to join is the link: Teams will recognise the email address with which you registered at the conference and if you possess a Teams account via this email address, you will simply have to use your Teams log-ins. If you have not registered a Teams account with this email, Teams will prompt to you to create one. This only takes five minutes, after which you will be set up and ready to attend the conference. When registering for a TEAMS account, please do make sure that you use the same email address with which you have registered to conference.

If you already possess Teams, the easiest way to join the specific panel you are interested in attending is via the in-app Teams calendar.

Select the Calendar button on the left side of the app to see your meetings. Find the meeting you want, and then select Join.


If someone starts the meeting, you will also get a notification you can use to join.

We advise all online participants to download the Teams app. There is also the option to join a Teams meeting from your web browser via the invite link, however this comes with limited functionality and you will not be able to participate as easily in any chat features, including posing questions to the panels.

How can I join a channel and find the panel I want to attend?

Once you have accepted the invitation to join the MEMS Festival ‘Team’, you will able to see a select the Team from the left side of your screen, using the Teams button.


From here, you will be able to access the channels set up for each panel, as well as the ‘Technical Support’ channel, in which you can ask for help or submit questions to the organisers, and the ‘Coffee Room’ channel, where you can socialise with others at the conference.


To attend a panel, you simply need to join the scheduled meeting in your chosen channel at the start of the panel. Please, do not create a new meeting. Simply click on the big purple “join”.

What can I do once I am in the meeting?

Each panel will be hosted by a chair, who will introduce each of the panel’s speakers. Just like at a conference attended in-person, you will be able to watch and listen to each of the speakers’ presentations and pose questions to one, some, or all of the speakers at the end of the panel using the ‘chat’ function. We ask that during the papers, everybody apart from the chair or the current person presenting keeps their microphone muted and waits until prompted by the chair to write their questions in the chat. Although it might seem simpler and not audibly interruptive to pose questions in the chat as they come to you, we ask that the focus remains on the speaker and that chat is kept to the end of the panel or to the ‘Coffee Room’ channel.

Click on the mic to mute yourself: a line should come across if your mic is muted. You can also turn on/off your camera via the icon on the left of the mic. Click on the speech bubble to access the video chat and ask your questions to the speakers when the time comes to it.