Thank you!

Dear all,

A week on from MEMS Fest, we have had a chance to reflect on this year’s conference and the various successes and difficulties that accompanied the shift to an online platform.

First and foremost, we want to say another huge thank you to everyone that attended and participated in the festival. Everybody’s fantastic contributions and cooperation in an unfamiliar setting made running the digital conference a joy, and it was a privilege to engage with so many incredible individuals and ideas from across the globe. As mentioned in Friday morning’s plenary, our utmost priority at MEMS Fest is to facilitate a friendly and accessible environment in which all can participate, and from the very beginning you all helped create the dynamic and welcoming environment we were hoping for. The papers, panels, discussions, and workshop were all a huge success and we were overjoyed with the diversity of materials and approaches that were shared. Again, thank you so much to you all!

We have one final request to make of all that attended, which will help us build on this year’s festival and aid future committees in organising the best conference experiences they can. We would be incredibly grateful if you could take the time to fill out a feedback form for the conference, which will let us know what went well, and also where we can perhaps improve for future events. This form has been sent to all emails that registered for the festival, but if we have missed you, please don’t hesitate to send us a message and we will send a copy of the document!

We hope that you have all had a fantastic week since we last saw you, and, once again, thank you for sharing the festival with us.

Very best wishes,

Hetty, Fay, Michael, and Sam
21 June 2020