More Workshops Announced

GIS-Mapping with Justin Colson – An introduction to the digital technique of GIS (geographic information system) Mapping, which enables people to more easily see, analyse and understand patterns and relationships within spatial topographies.

A Taste of Medieval Life: Ale and Bread – Find out what ale and bread might have tasted like with Phil Slavin and Stuart Morrison. This workshop will also discuss the process of food production and culture of consumption for everyday people.

Investigating Iconology – Understanding and interpreting visual images with Emily Guerry. A session focused on the skills and techniques used to identify and analyse iconography, vital for researchers of the medieval and early modern periods looking to increase their visual literacy.

Special Collections – Josie Caplehorne will explain the processes and challenges involved in cataloguing some of the most beautiful, unique and culturally significant books from Rochester Cathedral Library.

A-Z of Manuscripts – Learn the basics of palaeography and codicology with Ryan Perry and Steve Werronen. A palaeography and codicology workshop, designed to demonstrate how to analyse the material details of medieval manuscripts, including methods of recognising scripts and deciphering how a manuscript was compiled.